Display news created specifically at the hub site on an associated site

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I understand that is possible to display news from sites associated with a hub site, on the hub site. But is it also possible the other way around?


Case: We have a hub site called HR. We also do have for each HR related topic a site, e.g. Onboard, HR Events and Vacancies, which are all associated with the HR hub site.

  • On the HR site, we are displaying all HR news, so news from the HR hub sites and aggregated from the HR related topics e.g. Onboard, HR Events and Vacancies.
  • On the Onboard site, I want to display one news web part which displays all news created in the Onboard site the normal way. Using another news web part, which I call "General HR News", I want to display news specifically created at the HR hub site (without news from the associated sites).

I expect it is possible to display news from the HR hub site on this Onboard site using a Highlighted Content web part, but that doesn't have the same look and feel as the News web part. So can I use another News Web Part to display the "General HR News" from the HR Hub Site on the Onboard site?

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Harold, you can do this now. :) On the associated site, you can add the News web part and select the HR hub site from the "Select sites" UX. That will surface only News posted on the HR hub site itself and not from the associated sites.
I think the confusion might be we aren't seeing that scope option yet for some reason :).

Indeed @Deleted that confused a bit ;)

But it's great to see that the news source can be specified now and the addition of the Hub News layout @Loreen La Penna@Melissa Torres.


For others, like mentioned in the article Use the News web part on a SharePoint page, you can use the Select sites options and now have the Hub News as additional layout.


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