Custommization of modern SharePoint

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For years we've worked on adding to SharePoint using different injection mechanisms as it doesn't give all companies everything they want.


Now with the modern SharePoint we currently don't have this option.


When will we get that so that we can turn modern UI on at our customers?

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Great feedback indeed. The team is working hard at enabling extensibility in many ways to the modern pages/sites all around. Take a look at this previous thread for more on SP dev: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/SharePoint-AMA/Sharepoint-vision/m-p/29023#M13
Modern SharePoint sites are moving towards a more structured method of customization based around client side scripting with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). You can make modern Web Parts this way in a Developer Preview tenant today. I would look to SPFx roadmap's and future features for more customization methods in modern sites.

I know that there is a lot planned in the SPFx, but it's going to take time to make it right.


I'd like to get an intermediate solution where we can get a ScriptLink with some special Location injected into the pages.


I'd be fine with you marking this as deprecated already to start with and tell us that if we use it then it's on our own risk and it may break tomorrow or next week. But then at least we can deliver something.

I would note, scriptlinks were working fine in modern for a long time when it started to roll out, (we had gotten a lot of cool stuff working with it, just messing around to see what could be done -- including our current enterprise mega menu), before it was turned off by the powers that be.

Very disappointing.
Thanks Mark. How to customize modern sites is a *huge* deal for both Microsoft partners and customers. The more info MSFT can share, the better. The link to http://dev.office.com/ on your other post contains some great stuff, but I think what sharepoint branding folks are seeking is more of a "here's how you brand a modern teamsite" posting from someone (ie: what tools you need in your dev environment, a step by step guide for making your first customizations, etc.).