Customizing web parts

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Hello!  Is there a way to customize web parts? For example, I want to let users select a customized document library w/ no folders, off-line syncing disabled, etc.


Thank you for putting this on.



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Hey Ray, I remember doing this. Exporting and then re-importing web parts. I'm testing right now!
You can use a document library web part and have it show a custom view (with no folders, for example). There's no way currently to disable off-line sync of specific libraries, though that's a good idea! Could you please post it to http://sharepoint.uservoice.com (search to see if someone else has put it there, first) and send me the link (dan.holme@microsoft.com). I'll make sure it gets to the right team. The "etc." it depends on what the "etc." is!

From Microsoft roadmap: Enabling client-side web parts that take full advantage of the SharePoint ecosystem, but are developed by using client-side JavaScript based templating technologies. We will first ship this set of client-side web parts: image / image carousel, embedded video, ListView, document hook); this will be able to included in pages built with the new SharePoint Framework.


There is also a GitHub or Dev.Office.Com location to get some bits to start building your own SPFx client-side web parts. Dig around here: