Viva Insights Simulator - demo tenant issues

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Hi everybody, I have a question regarding Viva Insights. Recently we recieved access to demo tenant with paid Viva licences. We focused on Viva Goals and Viva Insights to prepare for client demo. Viva Goals is working fine and we can access the full scope of features, but Viva Insights not so much.
On this demo environment, Viva Insights is set up like a simulator, not an actual app, so we can't access the full scope of admin settings. Even if I with system admin assign roles to employees and assign licences, nobody can access the admin settings for Insights. The assistance guide on the admin center doesnt even offer a link to admin settings for insights.
Is this supposed to be like this since this is a simulator, or is this an error in the demo environment we recieved?


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Hi @CosB ,


Typically, most Viva Insights demo accounts do not have admin access as it is a public demo. Your case may be different, I would suggest reaching out to the sales team your company is working. They may be able to shed some light on what type of demo accounts your team was assigned and help you troubleshoot


Here is the documentation website about all things Viva Insights: Introduction to Viva Insights | Microsoft Learn


Here is the page for admin settings: Customize Viva Insights privacy settings | Microsoft Learn


Please let us know if we can help with any questions that you may have!

Hi Jake, thank you for clarification on this issue.