Viva Insights My Team and My Org tab not showing

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Hello people. I assigned all the related roles to users but the my Team and My Org tabs are not showing. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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HI @VI_Migration, here are the guides on how to set up these views, please reply back if you have any questions.

First you need to turn on My Team in the web portal under Manager Settings: Manager settings for Viva Insights | Microsoft Docs

Then you need to follow the admin tasks guide: Admin tasks for the Viva Insights app | Microsoft Docs

After doing both of these tasks you should be able to see the tabs in Teams. Let me know if you need any additional guidance.

Hello, I am testing out Viva Insights for my org but not seeing the My Team or My Org tab.  I have added my user account to the Viva Suite license group and also to all 3 insights viva roles in Azure.  Is there something I am missing?  Also, is there a Viva Insights Admin portal similar to the admin portal for other platforms?

Hi @VI_Migration, has your company fully set up Viva Insights (accepted settings, uploaded an org file, and gone through the automatic data processing stage)? 
If your company has set up Viva Insights - advanced insights then follow the steps in this document: Setup for manager and leader insights | Microsoft Learn

There is an admin portal for users assigned the admin role. They simply need to log into Viva Insights on their browser and they will see settings and other features specific to admins.

Here are some additional documents to check out: Setup overview for Viva Insights | Microsoft Learn
Microsoft Viva Insights setup | Microsoft Learn 

Hi Jake,

We have not.  Would you mind letting me know the process to go through that?

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Hi @VI_Migration please make sure you or the admin for the company follows the set up steps here: Microsoft Viva Insights setup | Microsoft Learn Let me know if you have any questions.