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Hi all, 

Is there a place where we can find information on what's coming up, what's going wrong, and what's the current status on Viva Insights? 

I've been struggling with report building the past few days, slow to no response, constantly getting internal server errors when trying to refresh and at one point I did see a message on the site that said "We're getting Viva Insights ready for you. Check back later". 

So I know that the branding is currently being updated etc. but it would be nice to have a specific place which is updated with issues, release dates etc.

If it is somewhere how do I get access to it? If not, can we create something?

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This happens to be a perfect example... when did this go live? Is this recommended? What insights/additional data will be lost if using the AAD auto update?


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Hi Dazza, I just posted a "What's new in Viva Insights" article that explains this a little bit: New Viva Insights features announcement (

Another good place to get "What's new information" about changes specific to "Advanced insights in Workplace Analytics" is through the "Announcements" (megaphone) icon at top right in the Workplace Analytics app. 


Hi Madehmer!

Thanks so much for this post, very insightful and informative. 

With regards to my question though I'm also referring to an area where we can see issues or problems with the system. Is there anything like that in existence? 

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Hi Dazza, Microsoft Support and this site's forum are your best two sources.