To set up with Azure Data Factory UI

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Hi Expert,

We would like to integrate data into viva insights using Azure Data Factory UI.
As far as I can read the Docs, workplace analytics is using an older platform.
The "Copy Link content" of the new viva insights platform has changed.

Is it possible for us to integrate information from the new viva platform using the Azure Data Factory UI?


[Docs:To set up with Azure Data Factory UI]


[New platform Links]

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Hi @Satoshi0206,


My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. 


Are you trying to use Azure Data Lake to import data into Viva Insights for your HR/Organizational data files?


Or are you trying to use Viva Insights to export queries into Azure Data Lake? 


2 very different processes, and I would need to talk to different people on the product team to get more details on each process respectively.