Group Insights for My Team tab in Viva Insights Teams App


With the change in the Viva Insights Teams app, the My Team and My Org tabs are now enabled by default from Azure AD data, and do not require WPA to be configured. Does this mean the Group Insights feature is enabled by default, or does this require WPA to be configured and populated with an org data file - the MS Docs article here does not state this requirement clearly:

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Based on this part of the My Team documentation: and the requirements in the Group Insights documentation you linked, Group Insights is only available to qualified managers. Part of the qualification is that their reports must be licensed for WPA/Viva and they also must be set up as a Manager within WPA/Viva. 

So to answer your question, it is not enabled by default you must go through the onboarding process and set up WPA and enable Manager Settings for the Managers you want Group Insights for.