Error loading Leader & Manager Settings (There was an issue loading this page. Please try again)

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We are seeing an error when attempting to configure the Leader & Manager settings as per Manager settings for Viva Insights | Microsoft Docs 


Something went wrong
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Reloaded, cleared cache, waited for a day, etc.
Anyone else seeing this? Any work around? Am I missing something obvious?
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best response confirmed by Jake_Caddes (Microsoft)

It turns out that patience was the solution....  waiting approx. 36 hours solves this..... 

Hi @VI_Migration, I was about to reply and say to hang tight. For anyone else reading this in the future sometimes the set up process can take ~3 days and your settings will not become available until the set up process has finished.

Is this still the case that admins should expect up to ~3 days to establish the admin and manager settings in the updated Analyst interface?  Thank you!