ATP for SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams licensing question

Pål-Erik Winther
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I have been working mostly with "E5" customers, and then always selected to "Turn on ATP for SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams" under Safe Attachments in the security portal. Now I have a customer with a mix of E3 and E5 licenses, and wondered how this will work if I turn that on? Will we be violating the license agreement or is this a recommended setting?

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Hi @Pål-Erik Winther

ATP is included in Office 365 Enterprise E5, Office 365 Education A5, and Microsoft 365 Business.

You would need to buy the standalone licence to add to your E3 users.

It is a per user service

Even if it worked with less licences, you would need to add the licences otherwise you would be in violation of the service agreement. Alternatively you can uplift the E3 users to E5.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
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