SaaS app integration wirh Azure AD (Salesforce)

Peter Klapwijk
Regular Contributor

Hi all,


We have integrate Azure Active Directory with Salesforce to provide SSO. User Provisioning is set to automatic. That all works fine.

I have some security groups assigned to Salesforce Roles (profile), so when the user is added to group A the account is assigned the corresponding role in Salesforce.
Now we have created a few custom Roles (profiles) in Salesforce, but those roles never show up in Azure, so I`m not able to assign a security group a custom Salesforce role. In this old video it is discussed those customer roles are synced to Azure: https://channel9.msdn.com/Series/Azure-Active-Directory-Videos-Demos/Integrating-Salesforce-with-Azu...
Anybody any idea how often those groups are synced? Or are they only synced once at setting up the integration?




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