How Azure Security Center helps reveal a Cyberattack

Community Manager

The Azure Security Center (ASC) analysts team reviews and investigates ASC alerts to gain insight into security incidents affecting Microsoft Azure customers, helping improve Azure Security alerts and detections. ASC helps customers keep pace with rapidly evolving threats by using advanced analytics and global threat intelligence.


Although we have come a long way as far as cloud security is concerned, even today security factors are heavily discussed as companies consider moving their assets to the cloud. The Azure Security Center team understands how critical it is for our customers to be assured that their Azure deployments are secure, not only from advanced attacks but even from the ones that are not necessarily new or novel. The beauty of ASC lies in its simplicity. Although ASC uses machine learning, anomaly detection, and behavioral analysis to determine suspicious events, it still addresses simple things like SQL brute force attacks that Bad Guys/Script Kiddies are using to break into Microsoft SQL servers.




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