Azure guest user invites returns different email than the invitation itself

Tord Bergset
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We are using Azure guest user invites a lot but have one external company that reports back a different email in the "username" attribute than the actual invite is sent to.

Specifically we can invite a user with the email "test.tarzan@company.com" and the invite tuns out being logged in the system with another email like "test.tarzan@companymerged.com".

This does not happen for all users invites to this specific company, just some users. The external company has been merged with other companies over the years and so historically users have been using both company addresses. Working with the external company we see nothing in their Azure AD that should indicate that the return address shouldn't match the invite address.


Has anyone seen something like this before and can explain this behavior?

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@Tord Bergset Are the incorrect email addresses old addresses connected to that user? 

I've seen a few cases where Azure (and especially Sharepoint) doesn't accept that a user has a different email address now, even though it will show as the correct email address in their guest profile/account.


The only way I've been able to solve this particular problem, as advised by the MS support team, is to totally remove them from the system and leave them off for over 24 hours so that the entry isn't still hiding in a cache somewhere and then re-add them as normal. 

This isn't a particularly good solution to the problem as it always seems to come up when access to important files or services needs to be granted and waiting a day or two is never convenient, but it does seem to work at least. On that note, be sure you've removed ALL of that user's accounts/entries or the bug will persist and waiting an extra day is a real pain.

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