YubiKey more then one Azure AD

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Hello everyone,

I would like to work more password free. Therefore I am interested in YubiKey.
Is it possible to use the same YubiKey for protection of several Office 365 Tennants (Developer / Test / Prod / Customers)? Where are the limits (maximum number)?


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Yes, this is possible!
I use the same Feitian key in multiple tenants.

I haven't encountered a limit, I don't there is one actually

@Thijs Lecomte  Hello Thijs, can you please tell me how to set up the security key in multi tennants.


MS told me that will not work.

There isn't really much to say. Just add the FIDO2 key as an authentication method to all the accounts in all the different tenants that you want to log in to. If you plugin the FIDO2 key it will prompt you to choose an account