Where should I submit issues related to securescore?

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Dear all,

where should I put issues and feedback related to securescore? Is this here the right channel?


For example: The "Launch now" of "Configure expiration time for external sharing links" has a broken link. In my case it redirects to a page that does not exist. Instead of redirecting me to "https://nubocorp-admin.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/online/ExternalSharing.aspx" it uses the link "https://nubo-admin.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/online/ExternalSharing.aspx".


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When the feature was in preview, we used the o365securescore@microsoft.com address, but not sure if it's still valid. Best wait for @Brandon Koeller to confirm :)

It would be helpful if Microsoft could confirm the official support escalation with Office 365 Secure Score support issues now it's reached GA.  I can't see it listed specifically under service requests in the admin portal. Should it be listed under Security and compliance?

Also, a minor point perhaps but something I wouldn't expect to see for a service in GA,  the Get advice box - "Visit the Office Network Group for Security" link is wrong, I mentioned this back in October.


It points to the original network.office.com address before the MS Tech Community rename and throws a certificate mismatch error in Chrome, rather than pointing to this space.