Security Announcement: Office 365 local datacenters now available in the United Kingdom

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Today, reflecting our deep and continued commitment to make Office 365 the most trusted cloud service for productivity, we are announcing the general availability of Office 365 from multiple local datacenters in the United Kingdom. We are pleased to be the first global cloud productivity provider offering U.K. data residency for core customer data at rest. 


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Nice. Do you plan to make it possible for tenants to request a move to the UK data center if the are located there? I know this has been done before. Current data location Region is "Europe" for our tenant.

You've been able to raise this for a while. However, they are prioritising moves and you need to check that all the services you consume are actually available in the UK DC's. You also should check out the pricing because UK prices seem to be significantly higher for at least Azure services.


Contact your Microsoft account lead (or maybe your TAM?) to request a move.

Thanks Lana,


Do you think though that we could get a statement on Azure pricing in the UK DC's? I was disappointed to find that pricing on Azure is significantly higher than the EU DC's.


A quick check seemed to indicate prices 25-85% higher!


It would be unfortunate for UK organisations to jump onto the UK DC bandwagon for O365 and then find out to their cost that they were paying a lot more when they wanted Azure integration.