Security & Compliance Center - Deleting Phishing Emails

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As of today I am no longer able to utilize the Security and Compliance Center to remove phishing emails from all users mailboxes by creating an Investigation/Incident. The Action options have been changed and I can only select 10 emails at a time.


For example I used to locate phish that were being sent to users by going to the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center > Threat Management > Explorer > then change the View to "All Emails" and search by Sender/Sender Domain. I would then check all emails found and use the Actions button to Hard Delete the emails from all users mailboxes (see Image1 for example of drop down list).


Now the Actions button only has the option to report them (see Image2) and start a new submission and you can only select 10 emails at a time.


My questions is, how can I perform a search to locate all emails sent by a certain user and delete them from users mailboxes now that the Actions drop down has changed?



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