Secure Score not Scoring.

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Hi there,

I'm having some issues with Secure Score.
I have a test tenant for which I want to get the secure score up to use as an example for customers but for the moment there are actions that don't get scored.
the action "Require MFA for Azure AD privileged roles" requires you to enable the "Baseline policy: Require MFA for admins (Preview)". I have done so a few weeks ago but it is still not scored. It says that all accounts with privileged roles do not have MFA enabled but when i try to log in with different global admin accounts I do have to authenticate with MFA. The action "Require MFA for all users" also tells me that none of my accounts have MFA enabled... 

Actions like "Turn on sign-in risk policy", "Turn on user risk policy", "Set up Office 365 ATP Safe Attachment policies", "Set up Office 365 ATP Safe Links to verify URLs" & "Enable policy to block legacy authentication" also do not get scored while I have them implemented. On the other hand the action "Set up versioning on SharePoint online document libraries" does give me my 2 points while I do NOT have this implemented. It even says that I have 0 of 36 site document libraries with versioning set up.


Can someone look into this please?


Update: After some weeks I finally got the points for the actions I implemented except the 2 ATP actions. For these 2 I still don't get points.



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