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Greetings! I logged a ticket with MS support regarding the Security and Compliance applet within the Office 365 portal. They closed my ticket and told me to leave feedback here in order to get support. I am unable to change settings in the Secure Score portion of the applet. I make changes, but they are not saved, and I do not receive the score for the changes. My upper management is focused on this score (even though it is not a true representation of our security posture) and I need to be able to make changes to is ASAP. Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Am I the only one seeing this? 

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Are you a global admin on your tenant?   That is a requirement.   I never had this issue before ....

David, Yes I am a global admin. Just had one of my other admins confirm. My access did change a couple of weeks ago (someone went on a priv revoking spree) but it has been changed back. Thanks for your response.  Maybe the issue is related to what I am trying to score...? I am specifically trying to mark the MFA requirements for users and admin as handled by a third party. However when I click the third party button and input my statement, then click save... I get the "dancing save dots" in the left pane, then nothing. I have to close the window where you input your statement, and the issue remains unchanged. 



I have the exact same thing.  The page doesn't go away and I noticed the securescore website was resetting every time I hit "SAVE".   I tested it 3 browsers and added the URL to trusted sites.  I also tested it in 2 tenants. 


Still nothing ....  I don't get three dots, but the popup screen simply sticks.


You can still hit "Ignore" to avoid getting bad score as an alternative.