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Has anyone else had their community of users give feedback that results from the Preservation and Hold libraries are showing in their search results and it's getting in the way of search results for other documents? We can set the library to not be indexed in search, but that defeats the purpose of the library. Retain data so that it could be referenced should it need to be considered within eDiscovery cases.


I wouldn't be surprised if this functions as I expect, but can anyone else confirm that if the preservation hold library can be set to not be indexed from the SharePoint library settings to remove it from user search results without affecting eDiscovery/content searches? 



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I agree this is problematic. It would be nice to have a filter to exclude those results. However, I am not aware of any way to exclude the preservation hold library from searches. I suggest posting this as a feature request here:

@Joe Stocker 

I think I'm going to have to open a ticket with MS on this one. They've resolved a user voice for OneDrive for Business on Mar 27, 2020. I feel like if it was made for OneDrive, SharePoint should be covered as well for this.

I agree. Very problematic. Should be a way to exclude these results.

@Timothy Balk 

According to this, the results from the Preservation Hold Library will only appear in the search results of a site administrator:


I can live with that.

I need to get back to this sometime. I'm pretty sure when I posted this, users who had membership to the site were able to view those documents in the global/site search... I wasn't able to submit a ticket to MS, so I must have gotten something else piled on my workload.