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Hola Everyone,


Just to confirm, the AIP ribbon in PDFs is not available at the moment, correct? Only the right click Classify and Protect option from the file explorer is available for PDF labeling, right?


Also, I notice that the AIP dashboard from the portal does not differentiate Adobe as an application. Meaning, I cannot get analytics on what files are PDFs, is my experience accurate?


Please let me know.

Thank you.

Maria Y.

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@Kartik Kanakasabesan: Is this something you can speak to?

Hello Maria,

                   Your observations are correct for the time being. We are actively working on delivering newer and distinctive capabilities. We are actively working with Adobe to enrich the PDF experience. 



Hello Kartik,


Still nothing regarding the ribbon? 

Thank you!

Hola Kartik,


I hope you are doing well.

I am trying to show PDF ribbon after changing registry keys. I am able to see the prompt asking for my email when opening a labeled pdf. However, after providing my email I go straight to the document and I am not asked for any consent. In the same way, in Azure AD I do not see the consent request sent to admin and the ribbon definitely does not show.


Are you familiar with this issue?

Please let me know your thoughts to troubleshoot this.


Thank you.

Maria Y.