Partners cannot access Security and Compliance Center

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Partners haven't been able to access the Security and Compliance center on behalf of their clients for almost 18 months now. Last we heard on this was from @Scott Landry back in July of 2019, but it's been silence since then. Is anyone on the Security and Compliance team working with the Microsoft Partner Center team on this?? This is the one item that's keeping us from being able to exclusively work from our Delegated Admin accounts. As it stands now we still have to share a generic global admin account with all our employees just so they can manage certain aspects of our client's Office 365 subscription.


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PowerShell should support delegated access to the SCC. There's also some work being done on the UI, see roadmap item #60975.

Roadmap #60975 only applies to the Office 365 Admin center. I used this feature today - it's nice, but unrelated to my post about the S&C Center.

The PowerShell you're referring to connects to Exchange Online and a handful of MSOL commands. Useful, but doesn't apply to my use case here. I need my techs to access UI features that are only available in our clients' S&C Centers. 

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Don't worry, they'll give us access to it by 2025, after it's been depreciated and renamed and no longer useful...


I normally don't complain, but what the hell...