OneDrive for Business is set to False

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I am working on improving our security score.  This item shows up on the list saying OneDrive for Business is set to false.  What setting is this referring to?  most of our staff are using OneDrive for Business.



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Based on the description, they seem to be measuring the usage of ODFB in the past 30 days. I guess you have at least few users that haven't used it in the past month, thus the control is listing "false".

I am not sure I understand that statement.  To draw an analogy, I own a car.  I don't use it for the winter, so now I don't own a car?  If files are being kept on OneDrive, that should be True, I would think.  Does the inactions of the majority drive the entire metric?  If I have 100 people who have OneDrive files and only 5 people make changes in a month, does that set it to false?

What I suspect is that a few of our users are not using ODFB.  I don't think ODFB is activated until the user actually clicks on the icon from the portal.  It is most likely detecting that some of our users have not done that yet, so it is reporting false for the entire organization.