Office 365 Secure Score Website Has Blanks and Bugs

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Starting this week, the Office 365 Secure score is showing many blanks.  Is it something on my end or Microsoft's?  Here are some screenshots:

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Are you looking at the "Incomplete Actions" tab?

The first screenshot is on Score Analyzer > Incomplete. The second screenshot is from Dashboard > "Actions in the Queue" 

It looks correct to me.. "Incomplete Actions" are at zero or not full points because you have not completed that line item.  The "Actions in Queue" are essentially the same thing as the default filter shows All, so it all depends on which filter you have selected. I don't see any issues so hopefully this helps to clarify. 

There is a problem.  Look at the first picture, and there are two lines with no title. One is Identity for 20 points, and one is Apps for 15 points.  The second picture shows expanding them.  There is no title or description.  When I click "Learn more", I get a blank screen on the right.  This is a problem.  There is no way to know what the points are for.  Something is disconnected and not showing the information for the score item. 

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I see what you mean time.. likely a browser issue, good luck with that! :)

Looks like you're right.  It displays correctly in IE and Edge.  

And then I cleared browsing history in Chrome, and it looks right again.  


Not sure if this is just verbiage that needs correcting:


Intune in S&C.jpg

Another verbiage issue:

Intune Config Profiles.jpg


Hi Zeff,


I have asked the engineering team to correct the language you called out.