Office 365 Message Encryption: Encrypt emails but no attachments

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Hello everyone,


I would like to implement Office 365 Message Encryption using Azure Information Protection. However, I only want the emails to be encrypted but not the attachments itself. Specifically, recipients should authenticate only for opening the email (of course, they have to in order to see the content including attachments) but not again for opening/editing/sharing any attachment. So after saving an attachments of an encrypted email locally on a computer, it should not be protected at all.


Can anyone help me with this implementation? I would highly appreciate it.


Thanks and have a great day!

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Yes, that function meets my requirements. Thank you very much! I've somehow overlooked it.

I am currently trying to implement the solution provided by @Vasil Michev on an Office 365 trial account for testing purposes. However, I always get an error for the DecryptAttachmentFromPortal attribute:




Has anyone got a suggestion? Maybe @Caroline Shin?