New Office 365 DLP alerts now available

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We’re pleased to announce the availability of new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) alerts in the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center. DLP in Office 365 makes it easy for you turn on and customize policies that help you keep your sensitive information secure, and prevent inappropriate sharing with others – either inside or outside your organization. With the new alert feature you can generate a system alert that informs you when a policy violation has occurred, such as when a high volume of sensitive content is shared externally. The alert functionality expands upon the capabilities provided by our email-based Incident Reports to ensure you have all the information you need to start investigating – who shared the content, who they shared it with, what kind of sensitive information was detected, etc. Alerts are available today if you an E5 license, and you can turn it on for any new or existing DLP policy – just select “Send an alert to an admin when a rule match occurs” from within the DLP Policy Advanced edit view. Learn more about cmdlet instructions here: New-DlpComplianceRule and Set-DlpComplianceRule.


New alerts in Office 365 DLPNew alerts in Office 365 DLP




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For some reason alerts stopped working in our environment, I've gone though the configuration again to make sure the settings were correct but still no luck. Is there something I can check to see if they're clogged up somewhere?

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Is there any information available about what service plan under E5 enables this ability? 


Is it possible to have a dlp policy that sends an email to some users when internal users share a document in a sharepoint online site?

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