need to create an auto-label policy for all sharepoint and onedrive


I'm just starting to test data classification. I'm creating a auto-label policy that I want to apply to all sharepoint and onedrive sites. But it looks like I need to add a URL for each sharepoint site or onedrive site I want the policy apply to. When I create a DLP there is an easy option to apply to all, I don't see that with the auto-label.


Am I missing something?


Thank you


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With auto-labelling, you only have the option to apply as shown below, and then selecting the SP sites you want to target, or the OneDrive Sites.


Screenshot 2020-07-09 at 18.14.04.png


This may change over time, but for the time being, this is the way it is.

@PeterRising So if I want all onedrive sites in the company included. I have to add each induvial one?


The other option (if you have it) is to apply file access policies that apply a classification as a governance action in Cloud App Security.
Thanks I'll have to check that out.

@Jason_B1025 I believe in the future, there will be a Private Preview for an "all" option. From my understanding, they are going to get this more looking like a DLP policy where you have the option to just select "all." Because, to your point, it is unrealistic to expect an admin to type in thousands of URLs to include every SP site and/or every OD URL in their org. My company has over 85,000 employees, so we kinda laughed at the notion that we would have to type in every single one of those. You may contact and confirm this roadmap item with someone from Microsoft, but as I say, that is our understanding based on some recent meetings. For the time being, they'll suggest you look at your Content Explorer in the Compliance Center to see where your most sensitive sites are (aka the ones that house the most sensitive information or whatever) and just add those URLs. Sort of taking care of the biggest fish within the fewest amount of URLs.