Ediscovery using GUID

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I want to identify a user via the GUID. My data has duplicate usernames, the only thing I can use to separate them is the GUID. How can I use this extract a single mailbox in eDiscovery?

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Depends on where you are trying to perform this. The old-style Exchange content search/eDiscovery should accept the Exchange GUID. The new-style (the one in the SCC) does not accept the GUID in the UI. And in PowerShell, it only seems to accept the ExternalDirectoryObjectId identifier, not the actual GUID from Exchange. THis does seem like a bug or somethng they overlooked to me, so I'll try pinging few folks while we're here at Ignite and report back.

I'm guessing you had no favourable responses. thanks for trying though.
I'll remain hopeful that this gets sorted in future upgrades.

I did speak to few folks about it, they promised to take a look and get back to me.... and crickets :) I'll try pinging them again, in the meantime simply use the ExternalDirectoryObjectID instead.