AIP UL Scanner - Does not start scan

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Hi, all


I have installed and configure the AIPScanner using UL, I try to Start AIP scanner but the scanner not scan. Show Content Scan Job Status: Error Policy is missing


My Checklist:

1. App Registration: Done 

2. Unified Label: Done 

3. Deploy Policy: Done

4. Cluster: Done

5. Node: Done

6. Content Scan Job: Done (Alway Scan/Default Policy)

7. Repository: Done


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Did you mange to fix the issue. I m also getting the same issue. Don't know what to do. 




Did you ever find a solution? I've had a support ticket open for 4 months, and I can't get a resolution from MSFT 

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Hello SuwiwatJ,


Are you running the latest AIP UL Scanner Version: 2.7.99,1.56.15

Do you receive the same results when you disable "Enforce" under Content Scan Job


Run Powershell command from the AIP Scanner: Start-AIPScannerDiagnostics

 Make sure all prerequisites are met:


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@Thomas Smith 

Yes I have managed to resolve this myself, Jato I have done restart the AIP service on the server and reinstall AIP scanner.





Thank you

@pradeepg290 I tried everything you mentioned and its still giving me the same error. Any idea what the issue might be?