AIP Scan Entire SharePoint Farm

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Hi all,


We have a SharePoint farm where we'd like to use AIP.  What we haven't been able to find though is how to scan the entire farm rather than specific sites/document libraries.  Is this possible with AIP?


Many thanks.

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Hi @job2310 . Since you say Sharepoint and not Sharepoint Online, I suppose we are talking about the AIP Scanner? (I'm sorry if I am just telling you things you already know) There are several good articles about the AIP scanner and how to use it to scan Sharepoint as you probably know already ( for instance). Unfortunately, as you say, you need to specify sites/libraries to be included in the repository, and I do not know any way to specify how to scan "everything".

@Pål Winther , thanks for your feedback.  Sorry, I should have said this is SharePoint on-prem and we already have AIP installed on a server and it's able to scan.  The issue is specifically around being able to scan an entire farm without specifying individual site collections/document libs.


Thanks again.