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We are implementing a POC of AIP for one our customers.


The customers wants to use AIP to protect their File Server files and want to use the Mail Feature (Not Forwarding).


This is all working as expected, but the customers want's to be able to send AIP protected Mails also to Webmailer accounts. The customer is having Clients, that are using this Mail services for company Mails. 


If we try to register such an account for Azure Information Protection ( RMS for individuals) we are seeing an error, that Web Mailer accounts are not allowed / supported.


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Hi Domonik,


I am not sure what those mailweb accounts are but i am assuming we should look at them as B2C scenario (RMS for indeviduals notes are here and if they are B2C collaboration it will be possible with the new Secure Email that is about to come (AKA OME v2)