You have 0 mailboxes that are being audited.

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If I run Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited -Filter {RecipientTypeDetails -eq "UserMailbox"} | FL Name,Audit* from PowerShell, I get a report back that AuditEnabled is True for all mailboxes.  And yet, y securescore comes back and says "You have 0 mailboxes that are being audited." Why is this giving an inaccurate report?  

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For me it displays the correct number. If you have made changes to the auditing properties recently, give Secure score some time to update. You might also want to check for any Bypass configured via Get-MailboxAuditBypassAssociation.

Thank you for replying.  No changes have been made recently - for each and every mailbox, the "AuditEnabled" attribute is "True".  I ran the AuditBypass command and it is false across the board.

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do you have any other thoughts?


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Nope, sorry. I was hoping one of the Microsoft folks out here might look into this and give a better answer.