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Word document with an Label, save as pdf

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Hi all,


Every time i try to save a word document with an label as pdf, the label does not migrate to the file.

I open the pdf file that i export from a word document, and there is no label applied... even if i try to right button and press "Classify.." there is no label applyed.



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@Rubenreis The label information is embedded into the file meta data and visual markings applied as part of the labeling can be carried over as the content. So, when you converting (save as) a document to PDF, you are only exporting the content but not the file properties, which is equivalent to printing a document. If you are using a Windows, you can classify the PDF document using the AIP client, which can also apply rights requiring and also insert Label information into the meta data.

@sanride thanks a lot for the reply.

i know that the AIP Client can apply the classification via secound button.

But im implementing the Azure Information Protection to an client, and one of the "Main" feature of the old solution "ICT" was applying labels to PDF when they save a document.


Its weard creating an empty file (Word), then apply an label as export our Save As pdf the label not applying.

So user to classify pdf via an new word document need first to export our save, and then apply the classification?