Windows Security Swabfex.P Phish.HB

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For over 3 months now, I've been reporting this in the feedback hub with no response.


How is it, that the only time Windows Security detects these two (2) Viruses is when I do a "Full" scan? Why are these not Caught before they even get on my system? Phish.HB Swabfex.P


I do not even check my email on my pc anymore I do it through my android phone.  Web sites I visit most is the edge insider community forum, facebook, twitter, walmart, walmart grocery,,  Yet I keep getting these 2 trojans and mostly the Swabfex.P .  Why??

Annotation 2020-05-29 110928.jpg

Annotation 2020-04-06 054129.jpg

These were only removed after I did a manual full system scan....



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Sigh; Did a full system scan on 6/5 and both were back again. Just did a full system scan again 6/16 and both are back again! Someone please explain Why these are NOT being caught by defender/security before they land on my system??



Are you using Windows Mail app?

May I know what email service provider are you using? (e.g. Gmail, Outlook,...)

These are emails containing malwares, and to solve this issue, you will need to check with your email provider and remove emails containing malware from your email server.

So let say, if you want to open malicious email, Windows Defender will block it, however when attachment is there and you won't open it, Windows Defender won't scan it during quick scan.

They didn't damage your system, so you don't have to worry and you may use your PC, just check with your email provider and remove emails containing suspect files from your webmail server.



Outlook, and I only have emails that are,, plus I always check my email via outlook on my phone first before I even look at anything on my pc. I place things that need to be in junk folder then remover everything which is all done via my phone. Then and only then do I look at email on my pc and the only email I look at or have left are those from trusted sites like Microsoft, this forum, Walmart, twitter, Facebook, InTouch ministries... etc... never, ever do I open anything with an attachment or even look at email that I don't know and even then, if I get an email that says it is from such and such a site, like oh say LastPass, my bank, etc... I do not open them, but go right to the website via edge browser... Also, I am the only one that uses this pc...