Windows OS has inherent spyware....

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Ever take a good look at " State Repository Service ", " Feedback ", or " Windows Telemetry "?


Microsoft has embedded spyware into every newer OS.

SRS captures logic states while your web browser is open. Extensions, websites, and the logic state while the browser is open.

Cant be disabled.


Ask yourselves, why does RPC have to stay running? Even when you dont use RDC?

Backdoor for Microsoft to your system. Try to disable RPC, or end task it. Critical stop error.


Do you use Office365? Or outlook365?

Those are remote served programs.

That you are basically showing everything you sent, or made directly to Microsoft.

In the convenience of their own servers.


Major lawsuits coming for Anti-Trust, Espionage, and Industrial Espionage.

A Class Action suit.


Spyware and the Law

Attempting or gaining access to someone's computer without their consent or knowledge is criminally illegal according to computer crime laws, such as the United States Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the United Kingdom's Computer Misuse Act.

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