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Where to start - new VM with VPN MFA access for Admins and public access for HTTPS

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Hi, I have been dabbling with Azure VMS for dev for a while but now want to take the plunge with a first production server.


I would like to deploy a Linux VM such that admins use a Point to Site VPN with MFA to access it while public users can access it via https


What azure services do I need ? I have looked at most things but am struggling to understand what will be needed - e.g. do I need Azure AD Premium P2 ? I would like to use a UK data centre but Premium AD is not in the UK but "Azure Active Directory is not available in the UK West region. Please select another region." - does this matter

We have a small team and already have O365 with basic AD.


Thanks, Sean


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Azure P2S vpn uses certificates and does not support MFA.
if you want Azure MFA for 365 and Portal access this can be purchased as a standalone service and can be included in another license like In-tune or EMS later.

but for the scenario you mention her no extra services are required.