What is Your Greatest Security and Privacy Concern?

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Hi Everyone,


I am wondering what is your greatest security and privacy concern? It could be for remote worker, employees inside office, regulations ,...



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Hi Reza,

If there is one thing I lose sleep over, it is emails sent to me from someone I know and trust.
If a hacker takes over an account of someone I know, then I won't really know if it is them or not.
For example, let's say my lawyer is hacked. The hacker sends me a PDF attachment from his account saying "you just got a cease and desist order, please open and then call me so we can discuss." Most people would open that email.
DMARC, DKIM and SPF will not block this email, because it was not a Spoofed Sender, it was the actual account that sent the email. So if the PDF contains a zero-day payload, I may be compromised.
So until every single user has MFA enabled, then we are all vulnerable to this type of attack.
Currently Office ATP does not perform OCR on image-based PDF's so if the PDF contains instructions for me to go somewhere else to download something or fill out some form, its going to be hard to detect and block these threats.

@Joe Stocker true it is real concern and what I am doing is telling everyone who I trust to let me know if they ran into any suspicious behavior even if their anti-malware products detects anything.

This is where training is important so I instruct people to be careful about behavioral patterns , so let say I know my collogue will call me and tell he or she sending document and then send it, so if I receive it without getting call, I will call first. We need to follow certain behavioral pattern and what you say is great concern and good topic for discussion and thank you for sharing that.