What are the minimum license need for the office 365 secure score points

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Hi as i can see in my  platform the points i need to implement to advance my secure score. I can not see what are the minimum licensing needed for certain points.
I try to create a list of all the required license that i need for some secure score points and which license i need to upgrade to make my office 365 secure score go higher ?

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Simply look at the documentation for the corresponding feature. Most of those will require the EMS suite, some will require E5, or even standalone add-on licenses.

Tried to find this in the following documentations , and blogs

neither of the above gives me a complete list of all the score points available 

The following blog does and even with what license and add ons i need for certail secure points.
Not for all of them unfortunately , that's why i tried to ask it here

The secure score items are depending on the subscription you actively have on your tenant.   So the score is what you have versus what you can achieve.    If you have minimum subscriptions, the list and the maximum score will be much lower.  


Also the aggressiveness of security is added in the meantime.   If you leave it on balanced the maximum score will be lower compare to aggressive as well.


Administering secure score doesn't need a subscription, but it does require you to be a global administrator with that user.  


Hope this helps.

But how can i find the total list , of all secure score point. And which license they all need. Some kind of documentation. The official documentation of Microsoft i posted above is very bad. And the documentations i found about the secure score(also see post above) doesn't give me a complete list of minimum requirements

There is a slider on the page like you can see in the screenshot.    It's on "balanced" and that results in a few action items by default.    Move it all the way to your right side and the setting will indicate "agressive".   The maximum score is the score of the subscriptions you have.   So if you're license includes EM+S E5 or even M365 E5, the score will go higher then the one in the screenshot.


An overview of the M365 plans (which are the highest) is here :




Thanks for the overview.
I guess because you provided me that link , there is no link with the same overview of the Complete total secure score points with their minimum licencing. 


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An overview is not that easy as there are many subscriptions to chose from.   It depends on your size, organisation, industry even ...    In short however :


Office 365 subscriptions =  provide the usage rights of the products and some security features.

EM+S subscriptions =  are purely focused on security services.

Windows subscriptions =  allow the installation of windows editions + Windows Defender ATP


M365 subscriptions = combine all three types I mentioned above.   These are the Rolls Royce versions.


Some services can be added as standalone products as well.   But again it all depends on:


- Company or industry (education, government, commercial, ...)

- Contract type (CSP, EA, open license, ...)

- Size  (smaller then 300 users or bigger) 


What you can do however, is start a free trial with some of those highest subscriptions.  Then you have everything enabled during the trial period.   Some trials are valid for 90 days and 50 users, others are 30 days and 25 users.   Just look for trial with combination of the desired type of subscription.


That's how I do it for testing and evaluation. 


That's a good aproach to see what are the minimum licensing that are needed. Tnx i will definately try the trial version solution !!!!