What are some big Microsoft Azure Security issues we should be aware of now?

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Securing cloud environments presents unique challenges. As organizations continue embracing Azure, it's critical to be aware of key security pitfalls. Mastering Azure security best practices is essential for protecting your critical assets in the cloud.


Getting the basics right is the foundation - avoid common misconfigurations by using tools like Azure Security Center to lock things down. Implementing multi-factor authentication across the board keeps the bad actors out.


The shared responsibility model means you own your data security. Encrypt everything and keep OS and agent versions patched. Reduce your attack surface by locking down management ports and scoping permissions tightly using tools like Privileged Identity Management.


Segment your network properly with private endpoints, service endpoints and network security groups. This limits lateral movement opportunities.


Of course, remaining vigilant is key. Continuously monitor activity logs, perform penetration testing and use Azure Security Center to get recommended improvements.


Cloud security is always evolving. Stay ahead of new Azure features and guidance to keep your environment secure. Mastering these tips will help tame the unique security challenges of the cloud.

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