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What’s new in Terminal Services Licensing for Longhorn? Part 4
Published Sep 07 2018 05:56 PM 399 Views
First published on CloudBlogs on Apr, 24 2007

Diagnosing issues in the Licensing environment

Prior to Longhorn, there was no easy way to see which License Servers a Terminal Server would contact and whether those License Servers had enough CALs available for consumption. If connections got denied, it was neither easy to find out where the problem was happening nor could you proactively monitor and prevent it. Terminal Services Configuration has now been enhanced to provide support for diagnosing licensing related problems both on the Terminal Server and the License Servers that it talks to. In the diagnostic pane of Terminal Services Configuration, you will be able to see a summary view of information related to the Terminal Server and the License Servers it can contact. Listed below are examples of the type of information available through this capability -

  1. Any configuration problems on the Terminal Server side e.g.: Terminal Server running out of grace period

  2. A list of License Servers that the Terminal Server will contact for licenses. This list will include both auto-discovered license servers as well as manually configured license servers

  3. For each License Server that the Terminal Server can contact,
    a.      A list of configuration problems with the License Server
    b.      Type and number of CALs issued and available on the server

  4. Total number of available CALs the Terminal Server can get from the contactable License Servers

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