Webinar Recap: Secure Access with One Identity
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First published on CloudBlogs on Oct, 23 2014
Identity management is no small task. With users accessing corporate data on multiple devices and from work as well as at home, how do you keep your employees and their data secure? Our Enterprise Mobility Suite Webinar Series continued this week with Nasos Kladakis, Senior Product Marketing Manager, showing us Microsoft’s hybrid approach to identity. He kicked off with an overview of why we need to keep our end user’s identity secure, and how that enables your employees to work on the devices they want, when they want. This choice to extend a user’s on premises identity to the cloud helps IT track what data is accessed where. Nasos explained how this strategy provides some great productivity benefits for end users. Managing Corporate Use of SaaS Applications Company employees are using SaaS apps every day at work. Many IT departments have no way of tracking these applications. With Azure Active Directory Premium’s application portal, your company can understand and approve what apps are being used.  Currently we support over 2,400 apps. Not only is this great for your security, it also allows your employees to use a single sign on. Once they sign into their portal, they are automatically signed into their available apps. Self Service Capabilities Azure Active Directory Premium also allows your employees to independently manage their portal. Your employees have the ability to join groups that are relevant to them. Once their request is approved by the group administrator, they will automatically have all the apps that have been provisioned to that particular group. Not only can users add themselves to groups and use the single sign on capabilities for these apps, they can also utilize the password reset feature to securely change their password. We offer multiple secure ways to validate the user’s identity, including text message codes, which 64% of webinar attendees chose as their preferred multi-factor authentication method. For the full webinar replay, demo of these features, and an informative Q&A portion where Nasos answered a ton of attendee questions, click here . Don’t forget to register for our next webinar! How to deliver apps with Azure RemoteApp November 5 th 10:00-10:30am PST
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