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We Really, REALLY Want You to Use the Services You Purchase
Published Sep 08 2018 05:02 AM 247 Views
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First published on CloudBlogs on Oct, 17 2014
What’s better than purchasing the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)? Purchasing EMS and getting professional services included from a partner of your choice to help you start using the service as quickly as possible! That kind of deal is exactly what we are offering right now! Who knows, we may even throw in some Ginsu knives in the future! Every week here at Microsoft HQ we spend a lot of time reviewing the list of customers that have purchased subscriptions to our services (like Microsoft Intune) but have not yet started to use the service offering. The reason for these weekly reviews is simple and really important: As engineers, one of the things we love the most is seeing the things we create being used. To see the adoption rates of our products, we use these meetings to wallow in the minute details of the usage telemetry of our services. Usage is the real indicator of the value and utility of what you have built – so we spend a lot of time reviewing it and finding ways to help people get the most out of the solutions they already own. [Quick tangent: If you are a software engineer looking to work on what will very soon be the most commonly used Enterprise Mobility Management Platform, contact me – we are doing lots of hiring!] To help enable usage, we’ve developed an incredible program that I think everyone will really like: Starting now, we are offering deployment funding so you can hire experts to help you get up and running with your software as quickly as possible. You read that correctly: We’ll provide time with your trusted partner to help get you deployed on Microsoft Intune, Azure RMS, and Azure Active Directory Premium as quickly as possible. These professional services will help you start using the services you’ve already purchased. This program has been in place for 3 months and (predictably) we’re seeing huge uptake in this program. Since this program started in July we’ve seen nearly 50% of all the EMS purchases make a request – and we’ve filled every single one. As great as this sounds, I know there’s one big question: “ How much help are you talking about? ” For customers that purchase more than 1,000 EMS seats, you’ll get $10,000 worth of professional services to help deploy one of the services, and number doubles to $20,000 if you decide to deploy 2 or more of the services.   If your organization is under 1,000 seats there are also funding options available. Making the request is simple: Contact your local Account team before December 31st, 2014 and ask them how to get help with your EMS deployment, and to find out about any restrictions, terms, or restrictions. To help with as many implementations as possible, we recently brought in a collection of key partners from around the world to train them on EMS. The demand for these trained resources is high, so I recommend completing your EMS purchase and scheduling your time ASAP!!!
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