Watermarking based on sensitivity labels misses the point - feature request

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in the past I've used other RMS products, primarily focused on PDF content (yes, Adobe RMS and others) and the primary driver for watermarking RMS content is to determine the source of the leak and when it happened.  So watermarks have the username of the person viewing the document and the time at which they were viewing it - so any screenshots/printouts/photos/etc identify who was looking at the document and when.


However, Microsoft's dynamic watermarking using variables, is only able to determine the username and time when the labelling occurred.


Doesn't this miss the point?


Can I please request the ability to dynamically watermark at VIEW time, so that we can determine who is leaking content.




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@CraigHumphrey This is indeed the case, and your suggestion to also add/modify the watermark based on viewing a document is a good one IMHO. I don't know if it can be easily implemented by Microsoft though, as I expect that the application used to view such files will need to support the content marking/watermark feature of MIP. You can however raise a feature request for MIP here if you'd like to see if Microsoft has any thoughts on this.

Thanks @pvanberlo,


Microsoft's own documentation pointed me here to make feature requests (since UserVoice is dying), so thanks for the link.  I'll see what happens.

@CraigHumphrey did you ever get any traction on this? I am also frustrated by the limitation.

Looks like I didn't get around to posting it...

But I see someone else has posted the same thing recently: