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Watch: 20 On Demand Sessions on Windows Security

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Watch these on demand sessions from Microsoft Ignite and join the conversation in the community!


1. Detect and respond to advanced and targeted attacks with Windows Defender ATP

In this session we will show you an end-to-end demo, starting with an attack and investigating the attack using the Windows Defender ATP portal.


2. Secure Tier 2: hardening workstations and retiring technical debt

While controlling organization-wide privilege is of paramount importance, more and more adversaries are leveraging tactics that take broader advantage of attacks against Tier 2.


3. End the game for credential theft with Windows 10

Credential theft, whether talking about passwords or derived credentials that can be used in pass the hash attacks, may feel like an unmitigated crisis, but help is finally here.


4. Find out everything you wanted to know about SHA-1 to SHA-2 migrations

You're already seeing SHA-1 hash warnings. You've basically got 2-14 months to get migrated, depending on your applications.


5. Explore advanced Windows Defense

See how Microsoft Windows addresses security as a whole system, one layer at a time.


6. Expand Windows Hello Family to companion devices and browser

With the Anniversary Edition, Windows 10 is one step closer to fully support secure biometric.


7. Deploy and manage Windows Hello for Business

You've heard a lot about Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello but how will customers actually make the transition away from passwords in the real world?


8. Discover how services, security and persistence are better together

Recently it was about keeping things out with traditional security focused on the perimeter. Today it’s a given that many risks have already made it past the front door with acceleration to the cloud combined with exponential growth of mobility, sensitive data can be accessed from anywhere.


9. Halt hackers: do those tricks still work with Windows 10?

Over the past years, attacks have become more sophisticated and what once was the most safe operating system on the planet, can now easily be hacked.


10. Monitor actor groups and detect targeted attacks with Microsoft’s Hunter Team

Hear a Hunter’s story of how a targeted attack on an enterprise unfolds through Microsoft optics and how we helped our customers protect, detect and respond to it.


11. Defend Windows clients from modern threats and attacks with Windows 10 security

With Windows 10 Anniversary Edition we have an impressive lineup of new capabilities (e.g.: Windows Defender ATP) and improvements that will raise the security bar for malware and other online threats.


12. Disrupt the revolution of cyber-threats with Windows 10

Disrupting the revolution of cyber-threats requires a platform with revolutionary security capabilities, and Windows 10 is rising to the occasion.


13. Secure privileged access from active attacks

Dealing with emerging threats in your datacenter and hosting environment? Privileged Identity is the new security boundary.


14. Explore Windows Server 2016 Security

This foundation session walks you through the current threat landscape and the engineering principles that Microsoft employed when building Windows Server 2016.


15. Drop the hammer down on malware threats with Windows 10's Device Guard

With endless new malicious files created per day, the fight against malware using traditional techniques like signature based detection is a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.


16. Protect your infrastructure and applications with Windows Server 2016 security

Learn how Microsoft Windows Server 2016 delivers layers of protection that help address emerging threats and transform the server to be an active component in your security defenses.


17. Win with a data-driven defense

Almost no company in the world is correctly doing computer security defense.


18. Protect your endpoints from malware threats with Windows Defender and SCEP

With Microsoft Windows 10 we have made substantial changes to Windows Defender to improve its detection capabilities, resilience from tampering, and its ability to recover systems from some of the most difficult to remove malware.


19. Win the IT security battle: automate password changes, privileged access & Minimize Cyber Losses

Having second thoughts about the effectiveness of firewalls and manually changing passwords on your servers to lock out intruders? You should be. 


20. Delight users and IT with modern identity experiences on Windows 10

Windows 10 represents a step change in terms of an organizations ability to address the broad range of identity related threats.





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