Watch: 20 On Demand Sessions on Cloud & Enterprise Security

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Watch these On Demand sessions from Microsoft Ignite and join the conversation in the community!


1. Secure and manage your digital transformation

Security in a cloud-first, mobile-first world calls for a new approach. Data is accessed, used, and shared on-prem and in the cloud – erasing the traditional security boundaries. 


2. Assess security posture of your datacenter in 1 hour using Operations Management Suite

Security doesn’t have to be complex, even when your environment is, and securing your organization doesn’t have to take months. 


3. Get control over your datacenter with security monitoring using Operations Management Suite

Leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Operations Management Suite to provide a comprehensive security solution for on-premises and cloud environments. 


4. Use Azure Security Center to prevent, detect, and respond to threats

Microsoft Azure Security Center helps organizations prevent, detect, and respond to threats by providing increased visibility into the security of cloud workloads and advanced analytics to identify attacks that might otherwise go undetected.


5. Get ahead of cyber attacks with Enterprise Mobility + Security

The transition to mobility and the cloud has made employee interactions with other users, devices, apps, and data increasingly more complex.


6. Manage and troubleshoot infrastructure and application issues using Operations Management Suite

Learn how Microsoft Operations Management suite – through advanced log analytics – can help you collect any type of machine data, correlate and visualize data in rich dashboards.


7. Meet Azure Information Protection customers and learn about their success stories
With the goal of better securing company data, these companies started using Microsoft Azure Information Protection to achieve a comprehensive yet simple solution for Information Protection.


8. Mitigate datacenter security threats with guided investigation using Operations Management Suite

A demo of the security capabilities in Microsoft Operations Management Suite that enable you to identify security threats and attacks.


9. Favor the bold: deploying and managing rock-solid Microsoft Azure Security Solutions

You’ve finally taken the leap to the Microsoft cloud, so what’s next?


10. Win the IT security battle: automate password changes, privileged access & Minimize Cyber Losses

Having second thoughts about the effectiveness of firewalls and manually changing passwords on your servers to lock out intruders?


11. Collaborate securely using Azure Information Protection
You need to collaborate with people within and outside of your organization but you need to do that in a secure manner.


12. Adopt a comprehensive identity-driven solution for protecting and sharing data securely

Microsoft Azure Information Protection helps you safeguard your data throughout the complete data lifecycle.


13. Ensure comprehensive protection of your data with Azure Information Protection

Microsoft Azure Information Protection helps protect your data at every stage of data lifecycle.


14. Learn how classification, labeling, and protection delivers persistent data protection

In order to implement an information protection solution, you first need to understand what kind of information you need to protect; identifying your most critical assets is the first step in the data protection journey.


15. Send secure email to anyone with the power of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Information Protection

Just about every organization has the need to communicate sensitive information through email within your org, with your business partners or with your customers.


16. Learn how to deploy and manage Microsoft Cloud App Security

Microsoft Cloud App Security is our new cloud-delivered service providing deeper visibility, stronger controls and enhanced protection for your cloud apps.


17. Witness cloud attacks illustrated: insights from Operations Management Suite and Security

With the shift toward cloud computing, attackers have been fast to respond - adapting their modus operandi to target enterprise data, applications, and infrastructure in the cloud.


Learn how Microsoft Cloud App Security takes the visibility, control and protection you have come to expect on-premises and extends them to your cloud apps.
Are you a CISO in cloud or security operations and architecture? The decisions you make when migrating and securing workloads at scale in Azure have a large impact on your business.
Want to perform risk assessment / due diligence on Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM?



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