Viewing RMS protected documents on Android and Document Tracking for Admins

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First published on CloudBlogs on Aug 09, 2016
Hi everyone, Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of two key features – •    Support for viewing RMS protected Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents on Android •    Document Tracking and Revocation for Admins One of our primary goals with Information Protection is to secure data while maintaining end user productivity. With the support for viewing RMS protected documents on Android, we’ve now enabled every single user using any device platform to consume RMS protected documents. We believe this is a huge step towards helping organizations maximize secure behavior with minimal user friction. To learn more about this capability and other enhancements in Office apps, please visit this Office blog. Another important objective for us is to provide users deep visibility and control over shared data. Document Tracking and Revocation enables document owners to track activities on sensitive files that they share with others. With a single click, they can also revoke access to a shared file. We’re now extending the same tracking and revocation capabilities to Admins who want to monitor documents shared by other employees. This is important in cases where Admins want to gain control over documents shared by an employee who no longer works for the company or in other regulatory scenarios. Here’s how the feature works. Log in to the document tracking site using your RMS/tenant administrator credentials and notice the new ‘Admin’ button on the top right corner. Press on that button to get started. Click “Continue” when prompted, understanding that this is an audited operation. If you’re interested in learning more about usage logs that are created as part of the audit process, this article is a great place to start. You will be able to search by either User name/complete email address or by Document name. Upon picking one document as the admin, you will now see a summary view of document sharing activities for that document. If you do not like what you see in terms of use / abuse, you can revoke access to the document at any point in time. Also at any point in time, you can exit from administrator mode by clicking on the top left ‘Exit administrator mode’ button on the portal. With today’s GA announcement, you can begin to experience the benefits of our document tracking and revocation for admins feature. To get the latest updates, please follow us on Twitter as @TheRMSGuy . We’ll share details about when we add the new control features (disable tracking of internal users for EU workers council, etc.). If you want to be more involved in crafting RMS for the need of your organization, then please join our advisory board . As always, if you have any questions, email us at Thanks! The Information Protection team Follow us @TheRMSGuy
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