Video: The Next Several Years of Windows Management
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First published on CloudBlogs on Dec 07, 2016
There’s a great video available today from Microsoft Mechanics about Unified Windows Management – I really recommend you check it out. There are a lot of EMM vendors talking about Unified Windows Management right now, but most of what’s available is limited to using the MDM layer on Windows 10.  A legitimately unified and secure environment is much, much bigger than this, however.  This video gets into what you can do to efficiently transition your organization towards modern management. .   This transition to modern management is a topic so important that I don’t think I can overstate it.  For the next several years, enterprises are going to find themselves managing a mix of Windows 7, 8, and 10 devices – each with their own management needs. Only Microsoft offers a solution that can account for each of these scenarios.  This video is a very helpful look at how you can navigate these next several years and offer both traditional and modern management of Windows 10. To learn more about this important topic, take the time to read this post:  “ Manage Windows 10 in your organization - transitioning to modern management .”
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