Video overview and demo of Office 365 Advanced Data Governance


5-minute overview and demonstration of Office 365 Advanced Data Governance presented by Principal Engineer Kamal Janardhan. 


Highlights include:

  • Cloud intelligence for proactive policy recommendations based on your industry, geography and other criteria.
  • Determine the data that you need to keep and the redundant and obsolete data to delete.
  • See how default alerts can help monitor data management on your behalf.


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I have been watching the video and prior release notes a while ago but I still can not see these options in my tenant? When will this be available and can I subscribe to a beta release version if applicable?

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According to the article you have to contact you Microsoft account representative to sign up for the preview. I did this yesterday and was advised to submit a Partner Advisory request so I did. I should know more in the next day or so as to whether this will be enabled for our tenant or not and advise.