Updates to Office 365 Secure Score Blog Post


Today we released a few new features for Secure Score and have a new blog post describing the updates.  Check out the post here to learn more.

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Is this why all of the context for each recommendation now says: {{action.Description}} Every single one on my view says this; no description text anywhere.

I should also add the description is also not populated for me. See image below.



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Hi Aaron,


This update did not cause this problem.  I check one of my tenants and don't see the same issue you are seeing.  Assuming you have closed out of all your browser sessions and logged back in and still get this problem, please PM me you tenant name and the team can take a look.

Well I feel like an idiot. For some reason, even after reboots it wasn't working. Did a hard refresh and cache clean and that did the trick. 


Sorry for the bother.