Update - Free Enterprise Mobility Suite Training Courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy
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First published on CloudBlogs on Feb 05, 2015
***Update*** We now have an Identity and Access Management (aka Azure AD) course available on MVA and a course on Samsung’s KNOX platform management from Microsoft Intune.

Identity and Access Management

Explore the various forms of identity, and learn to transition the tools that provide identity services into Microsoft Azure. Plus, see how to resolve common issues.

Enabling Samsung KNOX via Microsoft Intune

Intune has become a great enabler of all things mobile. In a world where many businesses are allowing employees to complete work on the devices of their choice, Microsoft has worked hard to support this movement via Intune. Watch Microsoft Technical Evangelists Anthony Bartolo and Simon May demonstrate an example of this bring-your-own-device (BYOD) enablement via the Samsung KNOX Android offering and Microsoft Intune. Learn how Microsoft Intune lets Samsung KNOX-enabled devices interact with company information securely in our BYOD world. ** Following up on my last post about some new TechNet vLabs available to help you try Enterprise Mobility Suite I thought I’d just pull together a quick list of some of the fantastic, free, technical learning content we have for your on Enterprise Mobility on Microsoft Virtual Academy . (MVA) If you don’t know about MVA it’s fantastic free technical training, direct from Microsoft experts from inside and outside of Microsoft. There are resources to help you learn about many, many different Microsoft products and there are over 2m folks registered to participate – if you aren’t you probably should be! Here is some of what MVA has to offer for Enterprise Mobility Suite:

Corporate Apps Anywhere, Anytime with Microsoft Azure RemoteApp

Azure RemoteApp combines Windows application experience and powerful RDS capabilities on Azure's reliable platform and helps IT to bring scale, agility, and global access to corporate applications. In this course, learn more about how to scale up or down to meet dynamic business needs without large capital expense or management complexity, how to provide access to corporate applications from anywhere, on any device, and how to centralize and protect corporate resources on the reliable Azure platform.

Microsoft Desktop Virtualization

If you're thinking about desktop virtualization, check out this course. ​Get the details on applicable Microsoft technologies. Explore user state virtualization, along with applications and operating system virtualization. Hear a comparison of technologies, compare VDI deployments, and explore the benefits.

Deploying a Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Hierarchy

If you'd like to learn how to deploy Configuration Manager and to see how modernizing architecture can minimize infrastructure for remote offices, be sure to take this course. Find out how installing a Configuration Manager can improve distribution points and consolidate infrastructure for primary sites. And get the details on role-based administration and logical data segmentation, along with language-neutral support at primaries.

Securing Your Configuration Manager Infrastructure with Role-Based Admin

Role-Based Administration allows mapping of administrator organizational roles to security roles, and this course shows you how. It also covers how hierarchy-wide security is managed from a single console and how Role-Based Administration is global data. Get details on how administrative segmentation interacts with security roles, plus what types of objects you can see and what you can do to them. Finally, explore Security Scopes and Collections.

Expanding Office 365 with Enterprise Mobility Suite

If you want to take advantage of the Office 365 Enterprise Mobility Suite, be sure to take this course. Learn to provide access and protections to your users, and explore the enterprise management features you'd expect from any enterprise mobility management solution.

Taming Android and iOS with Enterprise Mobility Suite

Watch experts Kevin Remde and Simon May for an informative, high-level, and demo-focused look at new enterprise mobility capabilities that make recovery, security, and identity management easier and more flexible. They explore balanced, people-centric (yet highly secure) mobile device management (MDM) policies, and they work with tools you're already using, like SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) and Microsoft Intune.

Remote Desktop Services on Microsoft Azure Deep Dive

If you'd like to learn to create highly secure, scalable, and reliable desktop hosting solutions for small- and medium-sized organizations with up to 1,500 users, check out this course. Find out how to use Remote Desktop Services and Microsoft Azure virtual machines to create multitenant, hosted Windows desktop and application services, also known as desktop hosting. We have more courses coming along all the time (we recorded Samsung KNOX management with Microsoft Intune today) and I’ll try to pop back and keep this blog post updated when we publish a new Enterprise Mobility Suite course on Microsoft Virtual Academy. … Oh and don’t forget to let us know what other training courses you’d really love! Simon May IT Technical Evangelist, Microsoft.   You can read Simon’s blog where he goes hands on with EMS and he’s on Twitter @simonster
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